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Excellent work!

Sep 20, 2012 by Mati Falconetti - Hopatcong, NJ

Steve at RhineTech Computer Repair is the best computer tech I have ever seen. He is very professional, knows his work and very reliable. He worked on my computer and located viruses, got rid of them and made recommendations for anti-virus protection. He is very reliable and showed a lot of patience with all my questions. The best computer service around! Steve is very knowledgeable and very professional and was very prompt in providing service. I highly recommend him. Excellent work!

Thank You Steve!

Sep 01, 2012 by Susan Blanchard - Mount Arlington, NJ

We had taken my sons computer to 3 different places and they couldn\'t figure out what was wrong with it. I called RhineTech Computer Repair and Steve came and picked up my sons computer and within two hours had it fixed. I would call Steve again! Excellent business person and straight forward!

Top Notch!

Aug 06, 2012 by Theresa Sandoval - Budd Lake, NJ

I want to thank Steve at RhineTech for taking the time to help me solve an issue remotely. I was having problems with my Anti-Virus (Norton is awful!) and Steve was able to recommend and install a great (Free!) solution for me. If I ever have any issues again, I'll definitely be calling RhineTech. Top Notch!

I strongly recommend RhineTech for any software/hardware related issues.

Jul 11, 2012 by Jose Ruiz - Budd Lake, NJ

Steve responded to my inquiry quickly and was very professional in his approach and resolving my computer hard drive issue. The assessment was completed in my home, and Steve was able to salvage my files intact once he confirmed the hard drive was damaged. I strongly recommend RhineTech for any software/hardware related issues.

Within a short time, he had everything up and running smoothly

Jun 15, 2012 by Nichole Magoon - Online/Remote Support

Rhine Tech for ALL your computer solutions! I was having a problem with my website and wordpress installation. I contacted Steve for help, and he IMMEDIATELY set to work on my website. Within a short time, he had everything up and running smoothly, and even gave me advice as to how to get started building my website and answered all the additional questions I had for him. He explained everything thoroughly and made sure I felt confident going further. Courteous, reliable, and helpful, I would HIGHLY recommend Rhine Tech for any computer issues you might have. Best value for your money! Will definitely use Rhine Tech again!

I would not hesitate to use Rhine Tech again

May 27, 2012 by Nell Gould - Newton, NJ

RhineTech saved my job! My laptop wouldn't start up so I originally took it to a help desk at local merchant. After looking at the problem briefly, they told me I'd probably lose my files. I didn't think it was a big issue until I checked my backup files and realized I wasn't correctly backing up as I should. After reading RhineTech's reviews here, I called Steve and he picked up my laptop that night and reassured me he'd work hard to save my files. Well the next day, he had everything restored but didn't stop there. He explained the problems to me and even helped me with other issues above & beyond what I initially contacted him with (including how to correctly back up my files!). I would not hesitate to use RhineTech again and definitely recommend them to anyone having computer issues.

Just call, it's the best thing you can do!

Mar 21, 2012 by Tracy Nelson - Flanders, NJ

When you need someone to fix your laptop in a hurry, who you can truly trust and respect? I have to say you would be hard pressed to beat RhineTech. The consummate professional, service and solution oriented. Steve is quite simply someone you instinctively trust and you are not disappointed. He did everything he said he would do and more, was fair on price, fast on delivery and gave buckets of information to help me... which 4 weeks on I have needed when dealing with Dell. I would highly recommend his service, and if you need help, just call, it's the best thing you can do!

He was able to recreated my Kodak Gallery on the new computer

Feb 17, 2012 by Jessica Dabrowski - Andover, NJ

Calling RhineTech and getting an actual person to answer the phone the first time was great and the professionalism that was shown during that phone call was incredible. I had a computer that showed the frightening blue screen and called to see if it could be fixed and Steve immediately set up the appointment to come out and take a look at what was going on. When he arrived at the house he was very courteous and professional, just as I expected after speaking with him on the phone. After many attempts to correct the problem he informed me that the computer needed to be restored to its original settings to be fixed and of course I panicked thinking that I was going to loose all my cherished photos and other necessary and important data on my computer. I was aware that the time was nearing for a new computer since this one was about 8 years old, so I made the decision to do just that (which Steve was happy to assist in my decision making on the new computer) and he assured me that he would be able to transfer the data from the computer that I thought was gone to the new one. Long story short, he did just that when I received my new computer. And the best part was that he was able to recreated my Kodak Gallery on the new computer and repopulate it with the picture albums that I had set up. Let's just say he saved my day and I am very grateful to him for that. I would definitely use Steve and RhineTech Computer Repair again, which I will to restore the old computer so my son can have his own computer to play with, and recommend them to someone else.

He goes above and beyond the call of duty

Jan 05, 2012 by Catharina Soloway - Budd Lake, NJ

When my computer got a virus I didn't know what to do or where to call. I searched the internet for someone local and came upon RhineTech. I read all the reviews and thought this is the place to call, and I was so very right. Steve came and picked up my computer that same day and listened to all my questions and concerns. He was most polite and so very patient and informative answering all my questions. I felt very confident after meeting him and was sure I had made the right choice. The next day Steve brought back my computer and had not only fixed the problem, but took the time to sit with me and show me what he had done and help me with some other things. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I will call upon him for all of my future computer needs. In this day of not always getting the best service my faith has been restored... Thanks Steve!!!

I called Steve, and he came out the same day.

Dec 28, 2011 by Alice Andre-Clark - Randolph, NJ

One morning I discovered that my computer would do nothing but show the screen with the Windows logo. I called Steve, and he came out the same day. Not only was he able to repair my hard drive quickly, but he saved all of my files. He was able to find all my lost passwords and restore the Microsoft office I had downloaded when I no longer had the code for it. Two days later, I discovered that the computer had lost its capacity to read Chinese characters. It was three days before my daughter's final exam in her online Chinese class, so I was a little panicky. However, Steve was able to fix my computer the same afternoon over the phone.

RhineTech Computer Repair LLC 862-432-7027 20 Village GRN APT B Budd Lake NJ, 07828 USA 5.0 5.0 37 37 Steve at RhineTech Computer Repair is the best computer tech I have ever seen. He is very professional, knows his work and very reliable. He worked on my computer and located virus
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