Prevent PC Sniffles
November 14, 2010

Prevent PC Sniffles

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Preventing the sniffles this year is very important. Intake plenty of Vitamin C, drink your fluids, and getting some bed rest will help get you back to the top of your game. Remember, your PC needs care too to keep it in tip-top shape. Viruses and software exploits are hitting hard this season, and there are some precautions you can take to keep your system from suffering this season.

Anti-virus is the first line of defense. Keeping an ACTIVE and UP-TO-DATE anti-virus will prevent most of the viruses and spyware from ever infecting your system. Out-of-date virus definitions, and expired subscriptions leave your system vulnerable to new viruses and potentially compromise your system’s safety. By keeping your anti-virus up to date, and your system scanned regularly, you ensure the first line of defense is a strong one. A large percentage of infected systems RhineTech repairs have outdated and ignored anti-virus.

Anti-virus is much better at preventing virus issues than repairing them. Installing an Anti-virus suite in order to repair a system is hit-or-miss, and may not resolve your issue. This is why we recommend installing an anti-virus suite as soon as you can, to prevent future complications. Here at RhineTech, we recommend Microsoft Security Essentials… a free Anti-virus provided directly from Microsoft. More details about this software can be found here:

Unfortunately, anti-virus is not a catch-all that many PC users believe it is. Anti-virus is like a rowboat… and the Internet is the lake. If you push off into the lake with your rowboat full of holes, you are gradually going to sink. In this analogy, keeping your system’s software (anti-virus, windows updates, and other security releases) is like patching the holes of your boat. Virus and malware creators exploit flaws in system software. Major areas of weakness include Adobe Reader/Flash Player, Java, your Internet browser, and Windows itself. This is the reason Windows updates exist, and why companies issue software patches… to fix security issues when they are discovered. By keeping your system up to date with the latest versions of this software, you are helping to ensure your PC stays afloat.

Here is a list of common software and where to go to patch it:

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