Broken Laptop Screen? No Problem!
September 22, 2012

Broken Laptop Screen? No Problem!

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We have seen a rise in the number of laptop screen repair requests in the past few months. Sometimes the screen is dim, sometimes it is shattered (usually a result of a dropped computer). When this happens it is one of the scariest things a computer owner can face, especially with the type of information retail chain stores give their clients.

There are many parts involved in LCD issues… including the Power Inverter, LCD Main Cable, CCFL Back Light, and LCD panel itself. While a bad screen can cost a good chunk of change (usually around $150), a simple Inverter can be ordered for around $10-$20. In some cases this is all that is needed to fix the monitor problem (and you can imagine how happy these clients are, after being told elsewhere that their fix could cost $500+!)

When a retail store is faced with a client looking to replace a broken LCD, they are often told by their off-site repair facilities that it is not cost effective to repair. This is due to the extremely high price they have placed on their replacement parts. In-store staff will then turn around and say that a new PC is a better choice. This is NOT always the case… in most systems a replacement LCD can be ordered for less than or around $150 from reliable parts vendors. I have had clients quoted over $500 for the same repair I’ve completed for only $255! Save yourself the time and money it takes to get this taken care of, and give us a call. We have replaced dozens of LCD screens and have years of experience doing so!

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